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What You Must Do About Your Plumbing Before You Leave for Your Vacation
During the holiday many people plan for a vacation to have a new experience. Its not to leave without checking on some things in your home because they can cause damage in your home while you are away. When you talk about performing some checklist the only thing that runs in their mind is about ensuring all the security equipment are in working conditions. A default in plumbing is also risk and that why you need to make sure you have it in your checklist before you leave. In case you don’t know where to start in your plumbing checklist then this article will be very important to you.

The first maintenance practice before you should consider is the main water valve. It’s good to shut off the main water supplier into your house if there is no system in the house that needs to be supplied with water. This will prevent any minor leakage to cause damage in the house for the days you will not be around. Its necessary that you request for assistance from a qualified plumber to help you locate the main water valve in your house in case you cannot find it. Close the individual appliances if you cannot switch off the main water valve because of the systems that need to be supplied with water even if you are away.

The water flow in the pipes is the second thing to consider in your checklist. In case you will be away from your home for a long time you should need to have someone in place who will be pumping water through the pipes and also flushing the toilet at least once per month. This is because if the pipes remain dry for a long time they will start cracking and the sewer gases will rise up in your pipes.

Don’t forget to check the functioning of the pool pump. There is a threat of algae build up when there is no water flow in the pool. Thus the water supply to the pool shouldn’t be closed. Ensure the water flowing to the pool is limited to avoid water wastage now that it’s not being used. Then you have to make sure the pump is working at all times by getting someone to check it time to time. It’s important to plan on the needs of the water for your house sitters in case you will close the main tap.

You also need to check for leaks in sinks, bathtubs and many more to confirm that there is no water flowing from them which can increase the water bill even when you are not using it. Also remember to flush the drains, test the sump pump and inspect the hose.